Exercising some people reinforces the desire for unhealthy food.

California City, California
August 20, 2014 5:52am CST
It's not uncommon that certain people after a strenuous workout automatically want to 'reward' sweet and unhealthy food In a sea of countless studies on the relationship between diet and exercise, weight loss and weight gain, healthy and unhealthy, floated to the surface another which suggests that physical activity alone may increase the desire for donuts, chocolate and other junk food. According to the portal express.co.uk, research suggests that nearly half of us could have planted a predisposition to žudenjem for fat and sweet after exercise. In tests involving 34 men and women who are within three months, followed by an identical weight loss program that, among other things consisted of specially prepared exercises for caloric expenditure which they have monitored the experts in this field. After the 50-minute activities in the gym, all the participants were shown pictures of various dishes from which they had to show those that are most attracted to. Researchers have identified two groups of trainees. The first group when choosing foods with photos weighed healthier and less fatty foods such as rice, pasta and boiled potatoes. For the second group was characterized by intensified desire for all kinds of food, but especially toward that sweet like donuts, pastries and chocolates. Of all participants 14 of them failed to achieve the objective defined at the beginning of a weight loss program. You guessed it, they belong to the second group. Experts believe that they have somehow preordained behavior and preferences visokokaloricnoj food which is explained by the theory of reward after exercise. The reason for that are probably hormonal changes that occur during exertion during exercise. In other words, exercise with them reinforces the desire for sugar and fat. Professor Neil King of Technology Polytechnic of Queensland in Australia, who conducted the research, said that further analysis might allow for the detection of people from the first and second groups based on blood testing. This would in turn immediately able to devise a different approach to weight loss of each individual.
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