Eat wisely and avoid weight gain.

California City, California
August 20, 2014 7:00am CST
Stop loving relationship with food and try to remember that its sole function of providing energy, advises the man who has his own method I'd lost 72 pounds Ado Sanely Adriano little is known where in Croatia and the immediate region. But those who have problems with their weight and the weight will certainly not forget after you read the article. This man is a winner sort televizijskon competition in losing weight The Biggest Loser in 2006 from Australia. Since then, he lost 72 pounds. In his book The New Me (new me) sanely explains how he did it. First, diet is important. Although it's now become a hated word, diet is the beginning of weight loss. She is training while learning how to eat smart. But you should not rely solely on her, says sanely. Almost no one is able to carry a child up to the end and remain at the achieved level; some people lose weight because you do charted, but quickly return to the old. Starting a child means that we cannot give up food. And it's true, but the way pram loss weight loss begins by changing bad habits with good. Furthermore, it is important to know what you do serves food you eat. Food and drink are the fuel that drives us. Many fat just because they eat the wrong reasons, not just to restore energy. Sanely argues that it is necessary to extinguish emotional connection with food. Write down on paper some of the reasons that you think that the food it serves. You'll realize how wrong. It is fuel and nothing more. Now that you know, when you are reminded that you should use it only as a source of energy, it's time to throw on her choice. Why is it important to choose what you eat? So what will you smart food choices provide a safe way to slim and above all healthy line and weight. And we all already know very well that the food is bad for us, explains sanely. It's all those foods that say that she cannot resist and you cannot stop eating. Make a list of 'favorite' dishes. Food, without which you cannot imagine life. Now is the time that you create an environment where you can make the best choice. It is important to surround himself always have a good, healthy and quality food. Drop in to the fridge and pantry and throw 'favorite foods. Yes, you have to do! If you have parents, avoid after a meal to eat the remains of the children left behind. To eat smart you need to make some changes. Specifically, replacement. Whole with less fat. Harmful helpful. Sweet less sweet. Fast food is normal. And do not forget, as with everything, moderation is best. Here are the tips that are offered sanely: Do not be in love with food. Enjoy it, but do not have a loving relationship. Food charging batteries and is not intended to satisfy emotional needs. Eat slowly. At least 20 minutes. This is the time it takes the brain to register that you have eaten enough.
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2 responses
@STawhidi (86)
• Tehran, Iran
1 Apr 16
I heard about a simple and amazing diet plan and I have it in my discussion : Losing up to 10 pounds in 3 days ! You may follow me.
• Moradabad, India
20 Aug 14
Many suggestions are given for diet control but followed by only a few persons because it is very hard to get up from the dining table until the belly is full. I think if we work according to the calories of diet, we will never gain the weight.Eat bellyfull but never take the rich diet. Breathing exercise will certainly help.