Hdmi Splitter Principle and purchasing guide book

Beijing, China
August 21, 2014 1:47am CST
Hdmi Splitter function is a source of a video signal processing, and then partitioned into two or more of the same signal. A higher resolution distribution amplifier is the main application of video, after receiving a signal from a computer video port, the received signal is amplified, and in maintaining the quality of its original signal, its signal assigned to two or more high resolution data display device.   While providing signal distribution amplifier peak and level amplification and equalization adjustments and enhancements. Each output distribution amplifier on have been buffered, so the signal distribution can still maintain the clarity and intensity of the original signal.   According to different sources in the choice of the hdmi splitter, you need to consider the following elements:   What type of signal source to be allocated is, Hdmi signal or video signal?   How many outputs, the signal transmission distance How far?   Usually through multiple projectors or monitors simultaneously display images from the same source application, you need to use the dispenser, for example, with the distributor may be the way most of the computer's VGA output is converted into two, four, eight, or more output.   If an hdmi splitter can not provide the required amount of output that can be used in conjunction with multiple dispensers. If multiple input, multiple output situation can use matrix switcher. This article is from
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