Replace your safety shoes timely

Los Angeles, California
August 21, 2014 3:05am CST
Choosing the appropriate shoe for the specific demands of the job is essential to ensuring that a safety shoe provides the proper protection. But selecting the correct shoe for the job is only half the battle, experts say. The other half is monitoring safety footwear for signs that the shoe may need to be "retired". there's no one-size-fits-all formula for knowing exactly when it's time to buy cheap safety shoes, as there are many variables to consider such as the job hazards, how often the boot is worn and the size and weight of the worker. Even within the same industry, the length of a safety shoe's service depends on the job task. When inspecting high quality working shoes to see if it needs to be replaced, shoes with steel toecaps will offer more tactile clues than shoes with composite material toecaps. For example, if a heavy object falls on the steel toe shoe, the steel cap will be dented and will not "spring back," indicating that the high quality working shoes must be replaced. Composite material shoes, on the other hand, could be "irrevocably damaged" in the same incident and still maintain their form. That's one reason why safety shoes manufacturers recommends replacing impact-resistant safety footwear anytime something heavy is dropped on it. Even if there's only "mild impact," if there's any doubt that the shoe will be able to offer protection next time something falls on it, replace it. So, when the safety shoes should be “retired”, in cases of mild impact, the worker, a supervisor and a division safety specialist inspect the shoe. Between the three of them, they would look at it and make a reasonable judgment call. wholesale working gloves
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