HDMI Matrix Switch Manufacturers technical guidelines

Beijing, China
August 21, 2014 8:57pm CST
HDMI Matrix is a high performance professional digital signal switching device for multiple HDMI source inputs and HDMI display output cross switching and distribution equipment,the output signal of the freedom to choose any way in any way and will not interfere with other signal source output, to minimize the attenuation of the signal transmission, the video signals to achieve high fidelity output. HDMI matrix Switch is generally M inputs, N outputs, you can become a matrix M * N matrix switch. M * 1 is the hdmi switch. N * 4 is the hdmi splitter. In fact ,All the time. Hdmi converter and hdmi splitter is very practical for our daily life. But with the development of technology.Many company or manufacturer of project has requirement of hdmi matrix switch.So our company invent this product. This article is from
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