You can do everything if you want

Shanghai, China
August 24, 2014 10:01am CST
I'm sure you had a busy life for many years .Maybe you must get up at five o' clock in the morning from Monday to Friday .At weekends you really want to sleep but you have something important to do.Uh...It's a terrible life.But we can change it,can't we? We can do everything if we want,We also can change our life.If you want to do one thing,the world will make a way for you .Even though there're many enemies ,many levels ,stick up for your target.And you can achieve your aim.That's great!Do you want to have a try? Everyday before you go to work,say to yourself ''I'm the best,I can change what I want!'' Please remember that .It's important to me and you. What can we change? Oh, Don't do the bad thing just like play games all day and night ,waste a lot of money and time .It's bad for you .To be excellent is more difficult than to be bad .But it is hard to be lazy or bad. Let's go!Go to the aim what you want. (maybe there are many mistakes ,please tell me ,thank you.)
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