The characteristics of the double rolling bearing structure

Nanjing, China
August 25, 2014 8:26pm CST
The idea of "Confucius" reproduced bearing, one is a genius idea, this is the latest body and the combination of new assembly specifications. All the traditional accident does not undertake rolling wave part of the "hot potato" has been deleted. People on both sides of the ball diameter of 15% of the suspect. In the end, transferred to the ball, the two sides of a goal a flat 30% higher than that of a real shot. The obvious save valuable space. In addition, the shape of the Muslim special finishing, and successful development, assembly and special publication methods can increase the rolling by about 90%, can rescue of space. In the space of the body of the higher accident "the life of many products. This is a new smaller size and assembly products. In the design of double maintain roller can realize two highest independent adjustment, and completely adapted to the application. This is the guarantee, the smallest size and lower friction, bearing for maximum. Roll axis, movement, there is no other lose bearing wear of Greece () and lower lubricating base oil of different ways bearing friction friction effect is distinct. Based technology diffusion and bearing lubrication technology research one of the important factors. Who in Greece (oil) "ball five parts" (guitarist of internal power, the outer ring card area, reserve units). Hinder the stairs rotate around rolling axis lubrication oil of contradiction and friction friction. The body of waste driveway when scrolling rolling friction; Slide friction rolling plane, if maintained under the guidance of the body, while blocking induced or bearing guard open and 4 received people's concern. The lubricant oil contact friction of internal contradictions and lubricating oil and pressure. A set of bearing friction and conflict always rolling friction and the total amount of the lubricating oil friction resistance to movement. Research tasks of the products is different for technology development and embellish of grease and lubrication base oil) into the ways to the bearing resistance to minimize and life expectancy. The following good bearing to Greece (oil) in the foreign advanced technology and industrial countries in the production of fully qualified products or mass production capacity from the height of the current main is inevitable under the special circumstances of Greece continue to improve the performance of - force, are studying the universe will ? vacuum stability, to rise to the many Windows performance etc. Your interest place at low temperature is relatively good in the program, but no effect, is a very good product even mentioned the theory. Even under study, fever (200 ~ 4000 degrees) using state oil use, etc.
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