How to save ourselves from the heat

Acampo, California
August 27, 2014 12:33am CST
During the peak of solar activity in the biggest heat man is threatened by dehydration and heatstroke. But there must be very few people who know that it's best to drink water in the morning and evening. During the day the water is absorbed, the body secretes her immediately together with the sweat and the body dries up. So even if you drink 3-4 liters will incur severe heatwave. It is best to apply it with water outside and drink a bit-liter-litre and a half a day. And, as mentioned, morning and evening. And during the day-most 200 grams. Although the associations that you get at the sight of hot drinks in hot weather, you must accept the truth. Black tea in small gl?tcici-here's what you need. Besides caffeine, black tea contains tannin. It supports the brain during protracted exertion, and the increased air temperature is a real stress and strain on the body. In Iran they drink tea with sugar in Turkey — without, and in northern India have the tradition to add in milk, lemon, ginger or peppermint. Chilled beverages are also involved in the process of regulating body temperature. As soon as the cold water, juice or chilled milk cocktail into the body, the air temperature began to seem lower than it really is. In each of the tropical countries the most widespread and affordable drink is coconut milk. Its composition is so balanced that a SIP is sufficient to quench the thirst. In our regions are popular products, especially In India and Brazil where sugar cane juice and mix it with lemon. In Egypt ... .. .and some and drink decoction of liquorice. But you should keep in mind that the potion of liquorice is harmful for people with diseased kidneys. In Catalonia and Valencia prepare a very useful and tasty beverage from several species of Tuberous plants with a complicated name. The drink is very refreshing. THE BODY DOES NOT NEED TO FEEL THIRST, BECAUSE IT IS THE STRESS OF IT Regarding the stronger beverages throughout the world many people are rescued from the heat with a beer with ice. It's not very tasty, but the main task of such a drink is quick to cool the body, and also so fast to leave him. In some countries, dilute it with lemon. Serbs and Ukrainians, as well as the ancient Greeks, drink wine with water. In Iran, regardless of "prohibition", consider that if a man drink the morning cup of homemade brandy, very easy and Nice will bear the daily heat. Other locations in our so Medley world mix alcohol with water, soda or tonic. The rich drink expensive alcohol, poor domestic production. Do whatever you drink, never forget that the organism can get about a month without food, but without water-only a few days. And every time you feel even a slight burst of lust, the body has already turned the protective mechanism and is experiencing stress.
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