And if the patient gets to you with poor condition?

Acampo, California
August 27, 2014 2:55am CST
She can also occur due to other diseases or injuries, but may develop and due to violations of the precise metabolic processes in articular cartilage. The reasons are many--from excessive load to hipodinamiâ. Indeed, the lack of movement in the joints leads to deterioration of cartilage nutrition. As a result, even if the normal load becomes too much for him, begins the degeneration, destruction. Overall, the process of destruction of the joints is very similar to aging: the higher the age group, the more often occurs. According to the data-after 60, according to others, after 80 years of osteoarthritis get sick almost 80% of the people. Especially susceptible are the women after 55 years. A deficiency of estrogen (female sex hormones) after menopause leads to a predominance of destruction processes of cartilage, it gradually thins, and the cartilage becomes dry and brittle. Which joints are most often affected. -Those who are the most responsible when walking-knees and hip. And what do we do? -Must be physiotherapy for unloading of the joint. For this purpose, ideal swimming, healing gymnastics in a sitting or lying position. In the period of remission, if no contraindications (heart pain, problems), very good acting baths, mud treatment. And if the patient gets to you with poor condition? -The first thing we do is to fight pain and inflammation. For this purpose shall prescribe analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents. Follow the medicines-protectorates, which slow down the degeneration of the cartilage. There are other drugs that bring in the joint instead of grease, but only after the inflammation has already healed. Indeed, the course of treatment with such injections costs more than 300-500 dollars. And from this disease suffer mainly elderly people – the poorest stratum in our society. So non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are the most common mode of treatment, although in practice cannot avoid their side effects. -You have no way out? -Panacea, of course, but one of the ways is through the use of new products. They have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and improve the metabolic processes in cartilage.
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