Kinds of famous walnut in China

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
August 28, 2014 4:04am CST
After years of research and practice, the national breeding a variety of fine walnut varieties, divided into early and late Walnut Walnut. These walnut varieties high and stable yield, good quality, kernel rate, adaptability, and laid a good foundation for the strong development of the walnut production. China nuts supplier is the right choice for you. Hong Ling from Shandong province China. Institute of Pomology bred by artificial hybridization. 1989 naming. Mainly grew in many places of China. Moderate grower, Shuzi upright, semicircular crown, branches strong. 2 years after grafting mixed flower buds start to form, the male flowers 3 to 4 years. Hung, medium maturing variety, fruiting rate of 85.7%, lateral fruiting rate of 88.9%, average fruit per fruiting 1.6. Nuts oval, flat base, top fruit microtip.I am here to introduce the nonpareil almonds nutrition to you.Moderately large, longitudinal and transverse diameters, the average diameter of 3.3 cm side, nuts weight 12.2 grams. Shell surface smooth, flat seams, easy to crack, shell thickness of about 0.9 mm. Within the fold wall degradation, membranous diaphragm, easy to take the whole kernel. Nucleolus full full, kernel rate is 65.4%. Nucleolus cream, flavor but not astringent. The species adaptability, high yield full fruit, the size of the annual obvious. Nuts smooth appearance, superior quality, particularly appropriate for sale or for raw shelled edible. Relatively cold, drought, disease resistance is low. If you want to buy best walnut,you should contact this siate,it will make you find the products you want.Suitable for a more profound and plain forests, soil crop intercropping cultivation in the hills.
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