be implanted Permanent pacemaker

Acampo, California
August 28, 2014 4:32am CST
Permanent pacemakers are typically the size of a wristwatch, and have in-built lithium battery for 10 to 12 years. They surgical time, stitch under the skin of the chest and of them leaving the wire (electrode) to the heart. After 10-12 years, when the battery is drained, the pacemaker surgically replaced with a new one. At the same time it is replaced and the electrode, which goes to the heart, because in those years he's already amortization. Permanent pacemakers are also set to 75 pulses per minute. Some pacemakers are manufactured, when the battery starts to wear out, I picked up the frequency of 80 beats per minute so give us a sign that you need to change them. Often the distortions in the formation and implementation of the impulses are priest pin-they appear, disappear and then appear again. The pacemaker is needed only in the moments when they are available. Therefore, the majority of temporary and permanent pacemakers, after submit the pulse through the electrode to the heart, followed in the same electrode if the heart isn't going to excite only. If the specified time the pacemaker does not register the electrical impulse from spontaneous of heart, filed their next electric impulse and again passes in tracking mode. If the pacemaker register spontaneous electrical activity of the heart, he is inhibited, ceases to and leaves only the heart to work. If one's own electrical activity of the heart break, the pacemaker turns on again. ATTENTION! All of these pacemakers have one major drawback-when you miss your own electrical activity of the heart, work with a fixed rate, regardless of the patient's needs at the present moment. Even when the patient is sleeping, or run, the pacemaker pulse per minute passes 75 (the most common). There are pacemakers that change alone, the incidence of Persian depending on the needs of the patient in the present moment. Most of them tracked the frequency of breathing. When the patient breathe more often, and this is usually when physical effort, the pacemaker Persia faster.
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