The Art of Being Silent

Faridabad, India
August 30, 2014 3:51am CST
Silence – a word with different meanings Today, while I was travelling in the metro and while I did not had my headphones on, I realized what I was actually missing in the loudness of my favourite songs. I was missing the various personalities who surrounded me. Some of them were funny, some stressed, some enjoying life and some just carrying on because they had to. This made me understand that in this fast speed of growing most of us, these days we are so involved in ourselves that we do not realize what we are missing. Silence is that thing which when observed would show the many aspects that we had been neglecting because we are involved in our day to day problems. Silence is when there is lack of audible sound. When this is states with respect to our mind we would say that silence in when our thoughts are still and when new ideas, tensions and various issues are not bothering us. Attaining such a state of mind is like task now-a-days that should be listed. Meditation is one means by which we can keep our mind silent for up to maximum one hour and after that mind will resume its speed. Experts suggest that being silent or staying in the state of meditating is important to keep our souls healthy and happy and also to make us least effective to the various problems surrounding us. This is a fact well known to almost all of us but still I don’t bother ourselves. So it worth to mention some of the facts that would help us known what actually we were neglecting. Advantages of keeping silent: ? It is considered an important element to develop a dynamic personality as it would help you analysis your own self. All the positives and negatives are listed in your mind and then you realize what type of personality you hold. ? Silence is creative. It is considered a really important method when we are required to thing “Out of Box”. Different ideas come only when our body, mind and soul are calm. ? When you have to trust yourself be silent and concentrate about the situation, about all the actions and reactions of the past, the present and then organize yourself for the future and thus you would then trust yourself as you have analysed the situations well before hand. ? Many a time when we are continuously babbling about our thoughts to others we forget that the other person might also have thoughts could be more creative or innovative than ours. Silence promotes the art of listening. Be silent and listen what others have to say and the problem may be solved easily without much bothering. ? Coming to religious terms it is said that being silent or meditating would help you hear your inner voice, the truth is made relevant and our mind becomes more intellectual. It is said that saints use the method of meditating for connecting to God and according to the holy book Gita God resides in our inner souls for it could be inferred that saints meditate in order to connect to their inner self to attain a state in which all the problems a human faces is not bothering them and their soul is content in itself. ? Health is an important advantage of being silent. Silence would help you look younger, it would boost your immune system and it is good for hormone regulation. Being silent would also lower your stress levels and hence preventing diseases like Blood Pressure. ? In case of a relation be it husband-wife or manager-client silence helps in boosting the levels of relationship as it would lead to increase of trust. Many great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein as emphasised on being silent in order to know ourselves to our inner soul but they have also criticized on being silent when there is a need to speak out. It is also said that Albert Einstein used to talk to himself silently once every day in order to analysis himself. Thus, silence is good but it could be really harmful sometimes. Now listing the disadvantages that are there to be silent. ? Being silent for a long time can lead to develop a personality that is introvert and this would lead to neglecting the main motive of silence that is of expressing ourselves. ? One major disadvantage of being silent is in the case of injustice. It is said in holy books that doing injustice is a crime but silently tolerating injustice is a bigger crime. One should never be a silent spectator when there is some injustice done. ? Silence would sometimes make you so involved that you looked be lost somewhere in thoughts and could make you deprived of the present conditions. Thus it can inferred that being silent is good up to the limit that it does not involve you completely and there is no injustice is being done. Silence in a great tool of succession when it is used effectively and wisely used according to the ways our body and most importantly our soul permits. In our daily lives we should try to spare at least 15 minutes daily to calm down be silent observe the beauty of the world, analysis ourselves and then let the magic of silence work on you and your life. Be silent and enjoy what our inner souls tells us about the situations of past and present and the future.
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