IBM Invests $3 Billion On Its Next Generation Chip – What’s Different??

Cognitive Technology
Chennai, India
September 2, 2014 6:41am CST
IBM invests $3 Billion in the research and development of its next generation chip which is believed to last for the next 5 years. Why would they invest such a huge amount with this chip when they have already mastered chip development. So what’s new in this chip? This chip consists of Millions of neurons 4096 neurosynaptic cores and 256 synapses, which are arranged in a 64 x 64 array It can accommodate 400 million bits of memory Cores interconnected via a network Tiled seamlessly Smaller in size but greater in power 16 chips together in 4 x 4 array What is Cognitive Technology? It is a technology which will emulate the human brain’s action, cognition and perception. The chip which IBM develops now is said to break the traditional architecture which brain followed for over 70 years. It is said to emulate neurons and synapses. Read more
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