Price of home LED lightings

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
September 2, 2014 10:50pm CST
China LED industry boom and government support are closely related. LED home lighting market to maintain 30% annual growth rate in 2014-2016, has been embryonic and embryonic period, officially entered the growth stage. China led light supplier are feel proud of this result. Home lighting is a highly price-oriented market, the general consumer price sensitivity is quite high, even providing a very high "cost" of lighting products, customers will still be for higher "absolute price" worried. Among them, the market price trend Bulb ball look around the world Jieyou very high price decline, whether it is energy-efficient unit subsidy, government incentives, and so also, or under vendor marketing programs to promote, are visual "price "for the first task for household lighting. Many people think buy cheap led tube light is a normal things in life. Applications of household lighting products, regardless of the living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and so on, all the scenes applications, as well as all kinds of lamps can be covers LED lighting. If no other lighting technology, HID, CFL, and even OLED, have their applications restrictive. If you are want to buy LED light,why not to have the best LED spot light. Only one hundred percent LED lighting can replace fluorescent lamps of all product lines. In addition, LED home lighting can meet the needs of the use of the various areas, cold color temperature, warm temperature, dimming, color and so on, any application Jieke by solid-state lighting technology to meet user can in a relatively short period of time the understanding of LED lighting products, and are familiar with its use.
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