Treat diabetes by eating pistachio nuts

September 4, 2014 2:07am CST
Diabetes is a disease that requires you to keep eating. If you eat the wrong foods can make your illness worse. Eating fruits and vegetables will surely continually seem boring. So it would not hurt if you add another healthy menu. One is the pistachio nuts. In a medical study conducted in Spain, noted that diabetics who consume about 2 ounces of these nuts every day showed a decrease in blood sugar and insulin levels significantly. "Nuts have metabolic effects of glucose in the blood due to the content of bioactive compounds in dalamnya.Senyawa is also able to cause insulin resistance that benefit people with diabetes," said Dr. Emilio Ros, director of the Lipid Clinic of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service at Hospital Clnic in Barcelona. He also added that the effects of eating pistachio nuts are also helpful to reduce the risk of heart disease and cholesterol. "In addition to pistachio nuts, almonds and eating walnuts can also bring a myriad of health benefits for your body,.
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