To know the Chinese traditional clothes? Today take you see traditional Chinese clothes oh

This is the most beautiful clothes - hanfu Chinese han nationality.
Chengdu, China
September 5, 2014 12:22am CST
China's traditional costume is not known as the Chinese dress or outfit. Cheongsam is only 300 years in China. The real traditional Chinese costume is hanfu. Hanfu exist in China for over 4000 years. Just over 300 years ago, China is under the rule of the manchu, shave hair dressing, hanfu to die, and then in today, more and more Chinese own ethnic costumes, hanfu. Hanfu, the han nationality traditional clothing Hanfu, namely, the han nationality traditional national costumes, clothes, huaxia clothes, also known as han han, well-dressed, tang suit, clothes, acceded to the throne from the yellow emperor (about 2698 years BC) has more than four thousand years, on the basis of the han nationality culture etiquette, through the past dynasties of han dynasty respected rites, like day method and form the unique Chinese cultural style and character, significantly different from other traditional clothing clothing system. In qing dynasty, hanfu because qing shave hair dressing was cool to die. Hanfu is the main characteristic of led, YouRen, tying with rope belt, and combination with hook, etc., and such as plate collar, straight collar for its beneficial supplement. "The spring and autumn period and the appearance zuo" cloud: "China has the big of etiquette, therefore calls the summer; beauty, have a chapter of China." Form a series of han Chinese clothing along with the Chinese people's life, creating for Chinese nation's unique scenery, become an important symbol of classical Chinese civilization... Up to now, however, were not the exact evidence to prove the existence of the xia dynasty Even though the Chinese traditional literature about the xia dynasty recorded more, but by their book of late, and so far and found no recognized direct evidence of the existence of xia dynasty, such as text as the evidence of xia dynasty period, the modern historians have some question the authenticity of the xia dynasty existed. In the west of henan province, in southern Shanxi Province found that erlitou culture have belongs to xia culture After me great China!
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