How to Use a Dell X284G Battery for a Long Time?

@Jinart (124)
Dallas, Texas
September 10, 2014 2:42am CST
The increasing use of portable computing devices like laptops and tablet PCs demand of their batteries has also increased many times as they allow the users to use these devices even in the absence of power supply. Dell X284G battery is one of the batteries which can be recharged again and again to become a good source of energy for these devices for long time, even if any energy source is not within your reach. Though this Li-ion battery for Dell X24G is designed to serve you for long time but still you can improve its life by taking some careful steps. Some of such steps are provided here under for you guidance in this regard: Always buy original battery from an authentic online or offline store or directly through the website of Dell. After buying a new battery you should fit it in your laptop properly so that their terminals get connected to each other properly. After fitting it in your laptop you should charge it fully by using Dell X284G adapter according to the instructions provided in the user manual of the battery, before using your laptop. They are usually supplied in low-charged form. You should fully discharge and recharge several times frequently to condition and optimize the charging capacity of your battery. Though you can find various adapters in the market but you should always use genuine Dell X284G adapter to optimize the life of your battery. Non-genuine adapters can damage the terminals of your battery which will reduce its life. If you are not using your laptop for long time say for a month or more then you should remove its battery and store it in a dry and cool place like refrigerator. While storing it in your fridge you should pack the battery in a sealed plastic bag to keep it away from moisture Li-ion batteries normally discharge automatically even if not in use, so you should charge battery for Dell X284G fully before removing from your laptop to store in cool and dry place. You can also extend the life of your laptop battery by disabling unnecessary programs and applications from your laptop as they consume much power even if not in use. You can make some other adjustments in your laptop like reducing the brightness of the screen etc. to increase the life of its battery. Thus you can use the battery for Dell X24G for long time by taking some careful steps and making some wise decisions. For more information about Dell battery,please go to
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