How To Get Your House Ready For Spray Foam Installation

, Ohio
September 12, 2014 8:49am CST
Getting your house ready for spray foam installation is an important thing to consider before booking appointment with the insulation contractor. I hope the information contained in this short article will guide you through the necessary stages of preparation prior to the time of spray foam insulation. I assume that urethane spray foam is entirely new, so, I will explain the preliminary process you should follow. But, before I start, let me quickly define spray foam insulation for the benefit of people that don’t know anything about it. Spray foam insulation is a spray-applied foam that creates a lasting insulation on walls, roofs and every corner of the house. Preliminary Preparations: Proper cleaning: This is the first thing to do when preparing the house for spray foam. Just before making final appointment with the contractor, it is important to remove dust and residues from every surface to be affected. The most effective way to clean dust is by using wet/dry vacuum. Use a very good ladder to access the areas beyond your reach and don’t forget to dust the ceiling. Clean every crawl space wall if they need to be sprayed. Correcting and filling of gaps: After the proper cleaning of all the areas to be spray, the next thing to do is to look for gaps and fill it with recommended material. Try as much as possible to fill every gaps, no matter how small it might be. Inform your neighbors: Don’t bring in spray foam contractors without informing your neighbors. Let them be aware of the noise and how long it will take until completion. Protection: One major reason for preliminary preparation is for proper protection. It is very important to protect every valuable thing that can be damaged. Again, some materials may be vulnerable and react with spray chemicals so, proper protection is needed for such materials and if possible they should be evacuated until project completion. Spray foam is the growing choice for insulation for both residential and commercial structures. Spray Foam Solutions makes it easy to get the highest-grade foam insulation in Ohio.
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