Kaleidoscope Soul

Manila, Philippines
September 15, 2014 10:07am CST
I'm Vega Rojo Galindo Roxas. I know, I have a unique name. My name's too unique that most people mistake me for a guy and I hated it, but when I grew up I started to love my name because some people think its beautiful and of course my mom and dad gave me that. My first name came from a star named Vega, its the brightest star in constellation Lyra while my second name Rojo is a spanish word for the color red. So basically, I'm a red star, as my mom always say. I'm the type of girl who will do everything just to get what I want. I always think positive, because that's the key to success. And of course I always give my one hundred and one percent in everything that I do. My main dream and goal is to buy my mom everything that she deserves. She has been through a lot of stuff raising me, and she's my inspiration. I love her so much. As I always say, my life is a roller coaster ride that only goes up.
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