The Reason Why I Like Kpop

September 15, 2014 11:14pm CST
Hi, Hello I'm Jhayem Sasis from Philippines and you know what, I like Kpop. I like kpop not only because of their looks but also because of the happiness they're giving to us. Kpop means everything to me. They let me understand or feel being in a family with no connection. They help me forget my problem through music and they help me stand up when I'm feeling down. They light up my very boring life. I mean, without them, maybe I already smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs. I'm happy being a kpop fan. In fact, kpop is the reason why I'm studying really hard. I want to be successful like them. Some of my friends and family said that there's no sense supporting kpop and that I love Korea more than Philippines but that's not true. Maybe I'm a kpop fan but it will never change the fact that I'm from Philippines. I love Philippines and I will always do. It's just that I really love supporting kpop because it motivates and inspires me a lot. They also said that I only like Kpop because of their looks and because they're handsome, well maybe that's the reason why I listen to their songs so that I can see their face :PPP I will always love Korea and Philippines no matter what happen. I will always love and I will keep supporting my bias because without us, there's no them. And without them, there's no us.
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