Outside the spherical bearing failure prediction

Nanjing, China
September 16, 2014 8:21pm CST
1. Early prediction and prevention level. " Important aspects of machinery and equipment in the face of the bearing and the life cycle and key indicators, it is necessary to early prevention of system efficiency. Often can see the main means. (1) advanced technology can help to improve the life and reliability. GaoDuHua process, including design, the decision of the reform of the text, the Mediterranean and biased, but effective, assemble, deploy, and so on. (2) strengthen the rotation to ensure product quality, testing and quality standard to solve commodity steps or diplomatic authorities are happy. (3) to strengthen the work of the early diagnosis and unusual condition monitoring, take effective preventive measures, against the mass casualty. 2. In addition to degree check system fault diagnosis. Modern rotation better monitoring fault diagnosis technology and advanced testing system connection. In the current measurement system more mature in practice. (1) the level of the electromagnetic spectrum of jewels. Bearing fatigue or DianXinHao usury (electromagnetic signal fatigue spalling) reclassified as mechanical shock receiver. Spectrum than can be announced a drastic change, turn over, in the face of use. (2) the steps temperature alarm device. Surface smooth surface temperature bearing wear and harmful to sleep or fatigue of administrative boundaries of a certain temperature, fever, stop running. (3) the running regular inspection, found that when any blank or trend monitoring has been found. extremely (4) and a cost-effective way. Support outside of work is widely various landslides resin dipping time, prosecutors Shi Mopan particle sample size and form characteristic and the symptoms of bearing, wear and tear.
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