Topcoder Frenzy

My design for TopCoder TCO'14
Hyderabad, India
September 17, 2014 1:01am CST
I have been working on TopCoder assignments for a while now. With work and life well, there is a bit of lag. I wanted to share with everyone here the stuff that I have worked on. Do give me your feedback and I'd be happy to work on my weaknesses. 1) Slogan writing contest(which I won second place at) This was for a company called EMC2. They had new departments coming up and needed one liners for each based on the nature of their work. The very first cruicial thing with TopCoder contests is that you read through their instructions very very carefully. Once I understood their requirement, I quickly jotted down what I grasped from each write up(from which we were to derive the one liners). It took me about 3-4 hours and it was indeed fun and enthralling. 2) The next Contest that I managed to complete was the TopCoder Logo Design for the TCO'15 Challenge. I was obviously very excited and took it up and came up with the image that I have included herewith. Well one cruicial error here was that although my design was ready I did not submit it on time for the first checkpoint.(Big blunder!) I figured later that unless you submit and qualify in the first round, well only then do you get to compete for the final submission! Frustrating! Especially when you work so hard to finish your design! Well this is not much I know and hopefully I will get to keep doing more awesome stuff that I can share with you all! Cheers!
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