Why do we feel the need to be sad a couple months after a breakup.

Charleston, West Virginia
September 17, 2014 7:04pm CST
I don't want him back, it was an awful, pointless relationship, that I still get mad that I was even in. But I found myself stalking his FB over his new girlfriend. I would not get back with and its really stressing me out that I subconsciously check him out from time to time. It's not a very recent break up, I am just so stressed out that I do this !!
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• Delhi, India
18 Sep 14
Its kust a cooling period our mind needs after a kindA suffering from previous relation.And time is such a great medicine that it really heals and cures all those sores and pain of heart .
18 Sep 14
that means you are sensitive. it is not strange, just do something and make other friends, and you will forget him as time go by.