Media, it's absolute freedom, in Indian context

Hyderabad, India
September 21, 2014 7:11am CST
The media in India is day by day becoming self centered, commercial, partisan. Those days have gone where the word "journalistic values" flourished, the media and its people had sole agenda of unearthing the government policies which are against the public interest at large and also was showing concern to the peoples problem in general, which are coming from all sections of industrial and service sectors, both public and private. I am not trying to blame the journalistic community at large. but it is well known fact that in India News Paper publications were started not as business, nor with any profit motive. Those who are interested in the public welfare, to raise their voice against the anti public policies, and propagate the anarchy of rulers and its resultant sufferings of the people, have started some news paper publications and some started publications to render service to the literature. like wise the journalism was mostly and all the time aiming at the public at large and its welfare. In those context freedom of press without any hindrance from the Govt.or any other concerned organization was necessary. But in these days where directly and indirectly individuals and political parties, businessmen and politicians are starting their media, and some of the media choose to work for the particular political parties, in this context, does the freedom which used to be enjoyed by the media in gone days, need to be scrutinized is subject to be debated. Is it necessary to allow such present day media to enjoy the same rules and same freedom which the impartial media management used to enjoy in the earlier days.
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