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Shanghai, China
September 22, 2014 4:04am CST
plastic injection moulding.: Used to produce a continuous shape forming a kind of mold plastic products, also known as extrusion head, is widely used in processing pipe, bar, single wire, sheet, film, wire and cable coating, profiles, etc.. Corresponding manufacturing equipment plastic extruder, the principle is solid plastic melted at a screw rotation of the extruder heating and pressurized conditions, and plasticizing a specific shape through a die and the die is made with the same cross-section shape continuous plastic products. Its manufacturing materials are carbon steel, alloy tool, and some in the extrusion die components will need to wear resistant materials such as diamond inlay. Extrusion process engineering thermoplastics generally applicable only to goods products production, with injection molds and compression molds have significant differences in the structure. Auto part mould manutacture : Molded plastic containers are used to hollow products (such as beverage bottles, cosmetic containers and other packaging) in a mold, in the form of blow molding process according to the principles of the main extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding , injection stretch blow molding hollow (commonly known as "injection stretch blow"), multi-layer blow molding, sheet extrusion blow molding. Blow molding hollow articles is generally referred to as a device corresponding to the plastic blow molding machine, blow molding is only applicable to the production of a thermoplastic product varieties. Blow mold structure is relatively simple, the materials are manufactured mostly of carbon and more. Best plastic mold in China mould supplier: Is a plastic plate, sheet molding raw materials for some of the more simple kind of mold plastic products, the principle is the use of a vacuum pump or compressed air method bloom forming method of the fixed die or punch in on plastic plates, sheets, in when heated to soften the deformation posted on the desired mold cavity molding products, mainly for some daily necessities, food, toys and packaging products production. Plastic mold for molding pressure is low, so the die cast aluminum or non-metallic material is more choice of materials, the structure is relatively simple.
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