The New Iphone Is Here

Delhi, India
September 22, 2014 7:09am CST
It’s that time of the year when your latest model iPhone becomes obsolete. I know mine will be…. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 6 and + that were launched in true Apple stlye yesterday… Bigger is better: Look, let’s get this out of the way. The Iphone 6 is huge and the Iphone 6 + is even bigger. No doubt this was Apple’s way of saying, “yeah yeah, we’re caving in and giving you a bigger screen,” but we’re just glad they listened to their consumers.And joy comes in the form of 4.7 and 5.5 inches of a sleek glass and aluminum body (Don’t let your dirty mind wander; this is a phone, tsk tsk). A larger screen means better resolution with 1080x1920 pixels to assault the senses. Apple went the extra mile with the iPhone 6 and it shows. Clearly! Design: The boxy look of the iPhone 5 was a major turn off for a lot of users. Sharp lines and flat edges marked the Iphone5 and with the new Iphone 6’s smooth edges, it truly does feel like a pleasure to hold. The 7.1mm thick iPhone 6 Plus is super slick—even skinnier than the 7.6 mm iPhone 5/5S, despite its much larger screen. It does feel a little heavier but with all the design upgrades, I don’t think anyone minds. The A8 destroys: The new A8 processor on the Iphone 6 is a doozy. Powerful as a mule on steroids, the A8 chip is a marked evolution of last year's pack-leading A7. It's 13 % smaller than the A7, while being up to 25 percent faster CPU and with 50 percent faster graphics, according to Apple. Now that’s a solid set of guts right there. Shoot, dammit, shoot: The camera isn’t the best, with it being 8MP and all but everyone knows that it isn’t about the Mega Pixels but more about the software that powers it. Also with regular updates, we could see a potential game changer here. The camera also shoots full HD video and can even shoot 240 frames per second, for all those cool slow motion shots. iOS8 y’all: WhooHoo, new IOS software. Oh, gimme, gimme. The one thing about Apple is their Operating Systemsare sturdy and slick as all hell. Fewer crashes, better functionality etc. It’s all under the hood. Plus, they’ve got new technology called QuickType . It attempts to guess which word the user will type next and allow him/ her to select it with one tap. iOS 8 also supports third-party keyboards. We’re excited to see what the iOS8 can really do. This is your know-it-all guide to the latest gadget from the fruity company. Watch this space for more Apple updates coming, right up. For more stuff log on to
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