The general structure of the optical fiber connector

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
September 23, 2014 3:30am CST
The main purpose of the optical fiber connector is utilized to achieve the fiber splice. Is now widely used in fiber optic communication systems fiber optic connectors, the type many different structures. But Fiber optic manufacturer in china has taken careful study, the basic structure of various types of optical fiber connector is the same, that the vast majority of fiber optic connectors generally use high precision components (a total of three sections by two pins and a couple tubes) to achieve alignment connecting fiber. This method is an optical fiber penetration and fixed pin, and the pin surface after the polishing process to achieve the alignment in the coupling tube. Pins to the components of the metal or non-metallic material. Buy fiber optic patch cord is a fashion thing. The butt end of the pin must be performed polishing treatment, the other end of the restraining member is generally curved to support the use of optical fibers or optical fiber flexible cable to release the stress. Coupling pipe is generally formed of a ceramic or other materials of the two bronze semisynthetic cylindrical fastening member made of metal or plastic with a multi-flange for mounting the connector. To try to accurately aligned fiber coupling tube on pins and high precision machining. Best fiber optic cable deserve to choose.Fiber Optic Connector, commonly known union, commonly referred to as fiber optic connectors, fiber optic or cable connecting the two form a continuous optical path of passive components can be reused for, has been widely used in fiber-optic transmission lines, fiber optic patch panels and fiber optic test instruments, meters, and is currently the largest number of passive devices.
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