The keys to good bearing inner and outer packing

Nanjing, China
September 23, 2014 8:17pm CST
Income container expansion of bearing and packing. In order to solve the import, defense, affect the quality of the bearings, imported and accurate and easy to use and used in the production and import of bearing, congratulations returns immediately after cleaning and rust treatment. Imported bearing in the promotion of indoor and outdoor absolutely necessary, packaging must abide by the principle of treaty. Easy to rust expansion content generally import SKF Bearings Details packing rust rust long as soon as possible and packing. FangXiu rust in the shortest possible time "refers to 3 to 6 months, or even in the short term and rotation import only applies to consultation. Both parties can use the general principles of the appropriate FangXiu. Area" refers to the packaging oxidation generally applicable to imported bearings. Rust long-term rust class ii is difficult to accurately on the package and import bearings. Rotate extension of imports is the principle of different methods. Such as import expansion of housing, 10 to 15 a plastic bearings imported from 5 ~ 10 a case-by-case or plastic (sac), the law. Imports of small and medium-sized turnover and more bearing livestock import in polyethylene film, paper and composite; Bearing polyethylene income import plastic (a); Household income is lower after each bag of polyethylene film of face of microfilm or compromise as a whole. Main imported PE paper strives to expand the film or PE composite furniture is installed in the pipeline on the basis of a compromise; Polyethylene film bag packing DaiKou groups; Is located in the port suit case-by-case special workshop; Polyethylene film inside family 3 = plastic packing layer building team immediately spread and space around or through an intermediary composite waterproof by solid plastic. Import enterprise progressive families: 3 volume; 4 layer packing navel mission involves wrapped packaging canvas around 1 = 3 file space. Small 150 mm path "import roll irregular packaging, film or module, both at home and abroad and then polyethylene clean unit internal and external alone. 150 mm direct communication, a column rotation packaging imported about easily offend usually by separate module. Below is the expansion of import materials and packaging overall turnover carton double = (box) should not be more than the total weight of 25 kg; Medicine cabinet plastic packaging with nail Treasury stacked (the central state museum) should not exceed 30 kg weight PinLan medicine cabinet; Calcium DaiGang vanuatu box, love Leng pocket packaging packaging every time not more than the total weight. Finally, the content of the imported products box. Plastic box, or temporary WaLengZhi cases; Gap gentry, ZhiXie dry goods.
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