Design Elements Of Mould

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
September 28, 2014 4:25am CST
Mold design and manufacturing and plastics processing are closely related. Success or failure of plastics processing depends largely on the effect of mold design and mold manufacturing quality, and the plastic mold design right again based on the design of plastic products. Plastic mold design and structural elements to be considered are: Plastic injection moulding ? sub-surface, i.e., when the mold is closed and the punch die cooperating contact surfaces. Its location and format selected by the shape and appearance of products, wall thickness, molding method, after processing, mold type and structure, stripping method and molding machine structure and other factors. Auto part mould manufacture ? structural parts, namely complex mold slider, lifter, straight top block and so on. Structure design is very critical, related to the life of the mold, the processing cycle, cost, product quality, etc., so the design of complex integrated ability to mold the core structure of the designers are higher, as the pursuit of a more simple, more durable, more economical design. China mould supplier ? precision molds, namely to avoid cards, fine positioning, guide posts, pins and so on. Positioning systems related to product appearance quality, mold quality and life, depending on the mold structure, choose a different positioning, positioning accuracy mainly depends on the processing control, in-mold positioning is mainly to consider fully the designer to design a more reasonable position is easy to adjust the way.
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