Fire Soppeng Car Accident , One Killed

Jakarta, Indonesia
September 28, 2014 10:07am CST
Soppeng fire trucks , had an accident in Salotungo , District Lalabata Soppeng , which resulted in one person who died is Pahriadi , Saturday ( 27/09/2014 ) . One of the residents Soppeng , Goddess Ramadhani , said the accident occurred around 14:30 pm estimated , while the fire engines Soppeng , want to lajoa , for fire fighting operations . He added that when he drove arrived - arrived the car driver is not able to control the vehicle which resulted in hitting a tree that is alongside a road . " One person who died , and the other firefighters suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital ajjappangnge Soppeng " said Dewi . In front of the fire truck accident , there are several other similar trucks - the same will go to lajoa . "Obviously the car is in the group , there is still fire engines in front and behind him but one mobilji the accident " he said . While the family of the victim , Zulkifli , said the immediate family died at the scene (TKP ) , while some of his friends suffered serious injuries such as fractures . He added before he left for his stint as a firefighter , a few marks - marks the start he showed to his family as the first time he took his son -in-law to the house in the morning . In addition, before he left he had played - playing with his son . " But according to the information developed if there is no fire in lajoa , he just lied to by the people who call to firefighters Soppeng . The plan this afternoon ( Sunday ) , the victim Pahriadi , will be buried after midday prayers . The victim left the two children , one as young as three years old and still only two months old .
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