scalpers--Legal but not decent work

By Lee
Harbin, China
October 1, 2014 7:24pm CST
Legal but not decent work China scalpers has become a hot topic in recent years the us media, even using the "Chinese Mafia" (Chines Mafia) words like, reported tone with a despised, locust plague discrimination here reminds people of China. Every time on all kinds of newspapers, websites and TV stations to see such a report, there is always a complex and strange feeling. American media said "the Chinese (Chinese)" scalpers is not to say that the nationality, but said the Chinese. Outside the apple store queue scalpers are mostly ethnic Chinese or immigrants living in the United States. Considering the money and visa problems, will not someone coming all the way to line up to fly from China to the United States; From domestic long distances, is outside the acquisition machine back to profit. Scalper sell phone is breaking the law? At least in the United States law, this kind of behavior is very difficult to conviction. These people to buy mobile phones, according to two per person limit and then sold to another group of people voluntarily. And a large number of buying iPhone to sell into the Chinese people, their behavior is legal is Chinese law.
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