Welcome EA-Connect Pte team to visit our factory again.

@wandad (33)
Harbin, China
October 1, 2014 11:45pm CST
Today it's our third time to meet Jimmi,meet other person from EA-Connect Pte team.Welcome!There are total 5 persons,four from Danmark,one from Iceland,all is from beautiful country. Our adress is http://www.diecastingpartsupplier.com/. According to our visiting process,we firstly visit quality inspection department,however,we meet a question very soon."Do you have a complete list of regularly maintain the helping tooling?I just want to see this one.“However,we didn't updated the list in the computer even through we got the list." The most embarassed thing is that customers had calculated almost 90 percent suppliers not do it well. The products are precision die casting parts,aluminum die casting parts,LED aluminum die casting parts,custom made aluminum die casting. Meanwhile,the customer has a characteristic that each product is not big quantity,but there are various of type products,and regular order every year.After finishing the look around the workshop,the quantity of our other order is huge.Customers are afraid of we don't care his products well because of less quantity.We reply comfirmedly that we never compromise the quality to catch order,otherwise,we prefer not to take the order. In conclusion,customers are satisfied of our factory and our quality control.And we'll have a further communication about the project details.Good Luck.
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