Floating Candles - How to Mix Fire & Water in the Stunning Way

Floating Candles
October 2, 2014 7:10am CST
Floating candles, as the name tells us, the candles that float in water, a complete mixture of candle, water and fire. These colorful glowing candles can be used to add more beauty to the surroundings that you live in to beautify your mood and make you feel fresh and lively. Floating candles can help you in turning a simple plain bowl to fancy and very attractive looking one. People usually love when the flame gets deeper while the candles float for hours in water. The mixture of fire and water is really beautiful. You can actually see a magical fire dancing on water, making it hard for you to take your eyes off. It creates a very tantalizing environment that soothes your mood and regenerates your mind. You can get a variety of options to choose from, be it different colors, different sizes and guess what- the list is endless. They are very easy to use and lit. They float on water like a cute little boat, and that totally depends upon how they are made of. They are usually flat at the bottom keeping in mind that the surface is not way too thick so that they won’t flip over. The molds that they are made of are in the form of muffin cups and if we have a huge amount of wax in stock then they can easily be reused. There are multiple ways to display them especially if you want to add the traditional touch to your atmosphere. Moreover, festive season is here and floating candles play a creative role. They can be used for romantic mood or they can just be set up for providing a relaxing environment. • You can use floating candles in bulk to decorate your pool, especially for different occasions or any dinner party etc. keeping in mind when your pool is not in use and water should remain calm to brighten up the candles. • You can even float them in clear jar, bowls, cylinders, and to touch up more you can add flowers, ribbons of small balls for design. That way they look more attractive and can be used for table decoration. • You can lit them up like a normal candle as well, without the use of any jar or bowl. Apart from all this, you can use them in multiple ways, the way you want to, the list is endless. You may find the best collection of Floating Candles at http://thefragrancepeople.com
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