the process of my love

Shanghai, China
October 4, 2014 7:58pm CST
i liked a boy when i was in primary school, just a little heartbeat, i did't know what is love ,i just felt that i feel good when i stayed with him,later on ,i go to the middle school which is in the city away from my home , it is called ''YUANJIANG '', a small city in hunan province and i started a new life. i fell love with my classmate ,i think i was so innocent ,i don't know what is the duty ,what i should pay for the love ,i thought it just a funny thing ,the love last about one year and a half . it finished with a simple memory ,the love is so pure.gradually ,i finished my school life and i were faced with the senior high school entrance examination .and i succeed ,i were admitted to the school which is the best in my city .the city is more big than yuanjiang ,and it is called "YIYANG" .but in the summer when i finished my study in middle school, the people who is my classmate expressed his love to me .he said he had liked me for three years ,and fell in love in the first sight ,he hide the secret for three years, and when we finished our study in middle school, he taken heart of grace. and we communicated on the internet for a few days ,and i promised him , i still remember the day which i saw the meteor ,and i made a vow ,hope that we will be together forever ,but it does't come true .two months later, we said goodbye ,but still linked in later life . when i was in high school ,i loved a boy who looks cute and i thought he also loved me ,but i made a mistake ,he is not ,.it seems to be very funny that i mistaken the love .but i really love him ,and deep love .it last for four years maybe .but when we fell in love in the college life ,the long distance between us is a big barrier . it also has many other reasons showed we are not suitable .so it finished .it also just last for two month . when i was enter my college ,there has four guys that showed love to me . it seems like complex. now ,my boyfriend is twenty-four,but i am nineteen ,he is working ,maybe we are not suitable ,maybe.... i don't know ,maybe i don't need the love ,and i think friends is OK . sometimes i think love will limit the freedom. what about you? what your feelings about love ,i will be very glad to share with you ,look forward to your comments.
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• Colombo, Sri Lanka
5 Oct 14
I am 50% agree with u friend. Anyway, friendship is better than Love in between two persons. Because of that Love makes a feel so sorrow, when not good understand. But friendship makes Joy in everywhere.