Railway bearing quality judgment in operation

Nanjing, China
October 8, 2014 8:26pm CST
Investigation of bearing damage, it is difficult to damage the real reason. But, if you know the railway bearing using mechanical and conditions of use, bearing structure, around the situation before and after the accident has occurred combined bearing damage condition and some will immediately set out to investigate the reason, a similar accident to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Bearing damage to drive bearing four, guard card were injured, reason, may be considered, lubricating oil is insufficient, so not suitable for reflects the oil discharge structure defects or the invasion of the foreign body and railway bearing in the ball around the inner error is too big, the main reason for the shaft have overlap. Bearing or not, the main use of the machine, the damage of bearing performance in importance, startup conditions, precision inspection period. If there is defect is no longer used to the new bearing. Domestic ring, outer ring and rolling, have come from the sound of broken. Engine, begins with a no-load speed, total adjusted upward the requirements as prescribed in the operation. Test run, the results of the inspection to see if there is abnormal sound, railway bearing temperature change and the lubricating oil leak or discoloration. If discovery is unusual, to immediately stop operation, and check the machine, remove the bearing inspection when necessary. Bearing temperature, general requirements and the temperature of the bearing. Hole, directly measuring the temperature of the bearing outer ring more accurate. Bearing temperature, followed by the railway bearing launched the check run began to increase, usually after 1 ~ 2 hour's temperature. Poor bearing installation, temperature rise sharply, abnormal high temperature weather. Reasons such as lubricant, bearing too much gap, poorly fitting, seal friction is too big, and so on. High-speed rotation, the choice of bearing structure, the lubrication method error, etc. Check bearing rotating with a stethoscope, a strong metal noise and sound kind of weird irregular instructions such as abnormal sound. The reason for this is because the bad lubrication, precision of shaft and bearing, bearing damage or foreign bodies to enter, etc.
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