CNC cutting machine exists in the merits of the development process

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
October 10, 2014 8:17pm CST
Hand Cutting: It can realize the function cut of sheet metal, but because the human brain and hand cannot be well controlled and the speed of the moving path of the fine level is the lowest of all in a cutting mode. CNC cutting machine manufacturer Car Cut: only go straight, curved and other complex lines are not well completion, the relative hand-cut, precision has increased, but cannot cut more complex sheet metal parts. Imitating cutting: do model trouble, but compared to the previous two cutting mode has been great progress, you can initially completed a number of complex workpieces, for some combination of the image is concerned, imitation line cutting on the powerless, the application subject to certain limitations. Flame CNC cutting machine In summary, CNC cutting machine experienced hand cutting, cutting car, imitation line after cutting development for today's CNC cutting for sheet metal processing industry in terms of a qualitative leap, greatly improving the economic efficiency. China's machinery industry of steel use has reached 300 million tons or more, cutting the amount of steel is very large; with the development of modern machinery industry, the requirements for sheet metal cutting efficiency and product quality also improved. Thus the market potential is still very large CNC cutting machine. The market outlook is more optimistic. Plasma CNC cutting machine
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