CNC cutting machine have develped in recent decades

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
October 11, 2014 1:24am CST
CNC cutting machine made in both cutting energy and CNC control system developed by leaps and bounds, cutting energy from a single flame cutting energy development for the current multiple energy (flame, plasma, laser, high-pressure water jet) cutting mode. Flame CNC cutting machine CNC cutting machine control system from the original simple functions, complex programming and input methods, developed to a high degree of automation does not have a fully functional, intelligent, graphical, networked control; drive system from the stepper drive, analog servo drive to today's all-digital servo drives. CNC cutting machine manufacturerCNC cutting machine is divided into the following forms from the mechanical structure is mianly contain the Gantry CNC cutting machine, cantilever CNC cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, CNC intersection Cutting, Robot Cutting Machine. CNC flame cutting machines, cutting a large thickness steel cutting capacity, low cut costs, but there is cutting deformation, cutting accuracy is not high, and lower cutting speeds, cut warm-up time, perforation long time, difficult to adapt to the fully automated need to operate. Its main application is restricted to steel, thick sheet metal cutting, in the thin steel plate cutting on plasma cutting gradually be replaced. Plasma CNC cutting machine
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