There are differences between different materials fiber optic cable

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
October 14, 2014 1:35am CST
Also referred to above, image and data transmission on the issue, then what kind of situation will emerge for the practical application of it? Today, more monitoring is not a distinct order equipment for sale, but in engineering there.Do you want to buy fiber optic patch cord.Network cabling will encounter those problems? Fibre is a very fragile objects in the project should pay particular attention to wiring. In particular there is a right or need to turn the place, fiber optic cable can not be folded into a corner, fragile optical fiber will be broken, unable to achieve transmission; coaxial cable is the most common is the home network cable, coupled with the monitoring system BNC connectors, wiring works do not particularly care about, to use very casual. fiber optic manufacturer in china Cost of different applications ranging from large.Have a look at the difference between their applications. Due to the cost of two different cables leading to its application areas, there is an obvious difference. Best fiber optic cable deserve you to choose.Coaxial cable cost is relatively low, suitable for home network monitoring systems; higher fiber costs more for Safe City projects. Special emphasis is the development of high-definition video surveillance has become an indisputable real time, but the current situation of market applications, both can be used in high-definition surveillance system; For imaging results also depend on the storage system and display devices, as people in the industry said bandwidth is not the only criterion for the decision "HD" quality.
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