Selection should consider the problem of bearing structure

Nanjing, China
October 16, 2014 8:27pm CST
1. How can you limit shaft position, including location and radial shaft, is first consider the problem. General structure and support the biaxial, radial shaft common position, and the two supporting role is more and more full of heart disease or contact radial positioning direction. Shaft, support two claims limit the axial displacement in one direction and support in a two axis limit land, under normal circumstances, shaft in a different way, different position precision operations. Support, therefore, the precision of the shaft design according to the business structure and the working conditions, choose the concrete scheme of the axial positioning. 2. At the same time, the goods and radial shaft bear burden, often with mating roller bearing support direction Angle and installation. Installed in two directions installed three double marking DuanMian wide outer bearing way relatively continuous. ZuoYongDian fell into two support KuaJu support strength. This there is the biggest KuaJu support, GangXing good to shaft bracket, hot, and when he was the last line, drawn on the opening trend took off, so there is no death, spear CARDS and more widely. But involves installing on Tuesday, lock yourself in your temperature, can reduce the work. The installation way two DuanMian relatively narrow bearing outer ring face to face. Two ZuoYongDian support forces support KuaJu fall in it. This kind of simple structure, convenient installation and use the most preferred debugging also more widely, mainly used for short spear and high focus on this, but should pay attention to when a certain band. Axial assembly and reaction, almost running accuracy reduce axis. When the axial load, and at the same time need to bear more relevant, often on the last line width, relatively narrow installation series pasta. ZuoYongDian falls under the guidance of the bearing force, said such arrangement and homophones in series. Use this way to arrange the attention of the structure and manufacturing, to ensure uniform load each try to endure all direction. 3. Generally the operating machine, temperature on the shaft ChuanDongZhou or over temperature and adjacent fragments, therefore, ReZhang extended to axis. In order to keep the rotating shaft structure design of flexible support, meet the demand, has given the freedom, at the same time in the shaft and the shaft further. Corresponding axial positioning and the way of shaft is scalable. 4. This is the band swim running accuracy control shaft bearing adjustment. Axial position adjustment to meet some special requirements NieGe transmission. For example: the spread of the shaft, worm should fall within the half WoLun plane, in order to ensure the correct, therefore, in the dry worm axial NieGe adjust their positions. During transmission, two in tooth taper gear, apex section, therefore, must agree to two shaft gear axial all adjustment.
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