More about golf carts!!

New Delhi, India
October 18, 2014 2:13am CST
Background of golf carts: Golf cart is a gas powered or an electric powered vehicle which is utilized to transport the golf equipments, as well as golfers during the game. Designed and structure to meet the needs of golfers, the carts provide numerous specialized comfort as well as safety features. For instance, these carts are built especially low to the ground that enables them low center gravity, and prevents spills while driven on uneven terrain or overloaded. There are many electric golf carts which also come with battery charges that are portable in nature. Many a times, the center of the cart's steering wheel is equipped with a metal clipboard that allows the players to fix their respective scorecards on them. The vehicle can be ordered with many golf cart accessories such as sand trap rakes, racks to hold bags, sun canopies, plastic enclosures in case of rains, cup and ball holders. The dashboard can also be customized with holders for cassette, FM as well as AM radios and also with ashtrays, as well as lighters for cigarettes. Raw Materials: The frames of the golf carts are made up of tubing, rods and steel plates. The bodies might be made from sheet steel, fiberglass and sheet aluminum. Other apparatus is mainly made from metal or plastic and is, usually, assembled to the vehicle after purchasing it from outside suppliers. These components include items such as electrical cables, drive trains, suspensions, transaxles, batteries, brakes, motors, steering mechanism made from metal and steering mechanisms. Also, seat cushions that are essentially made of foam cushion covered with vinyl and tires that are made of rubber. All these articles can be customized for the customized golf carts. Design: The designs of golf carts are not standard. There are many specifications that need to be decided on before getting the designer design the cart. Golf carts Houston may differ from golf carts sugar land. The thing that needs to be decided beforehand is whether the body must be made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel. What should be the number of passenger seats in the cart?? Will it run on a gasoline engine or electric engine?? Should the cart have, a small engine ensuring efficient operation or strong brakes and powerful engine to navigate hills. After the appearance, materials and capabilities are decided, a designer utilizes an incorporated CAM/CAD system in order to draw all the components of the cart on the computer system. After the design is made and if it gets approved, the production takes places. Future of golf carts: There can be many types of innovations taking place in the manufacture of golf carts in the coming years. In the future years, it is possible that the battery may get upgraded and run for longer hours on a small single charge. Manufacturers might also start producing carts that have inbuilt video games on the dashboards of the cart so that the players have some recreational time between games. Likewise, many other changes and upgrades may take place, that only time could tell.
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