Die casting bearing mold facing the new situation

Nanjing, China
October 23, 2014 8:17pm CST
The use of machine tool casting often used in the process of casting bearing mold, die casting bearing mold is a kind of liquid die forging for the casting method. In recent years, China's die casting mould industry along the way through hardships, influenced by the economic crisis, although the overall growth is slowing, but still a lot of achievements, die-casting mold industry significantly improve the overall strength level. Die casting bearing mold facing the new situation Especially since the opening year, a series of macro-control policies in the country and industry "twelfth five-year" development planning, under the influence of die casting mould industry industry actively promote transformation and upgrading, to develop the smart green environmental protection mode, the "steady growth, structural adjustment, promote balanced" the general idea of guidance, die-casting mold industry all staff efforts, overcome the turnover strives for the survival, to upgrade innovation for development, die-casting mold industry in China regardless of the total sales and exports are implemented "twelfth five-year" good start. And in the process, die casting mould industry internal structure adjustment effect is significant, also improved significantly with innovation ability. Die casting bearing mold facing the new situation From the economic base, traffic conditions and market space and development opportunities, etc, comprehensive analysis, die-casting mold industry development in our country presents the obvious differences between coastal and inland, especially under the influence of the economic crisis in recent years, many die casting bearing mold enterprise transformation and upgrading, the process is more highlights the regional difference. Die casting bearing mold facing the new situation At present, China's die casting mould industry is facing a reshuffle of the situation, and in the same grim situation, the influence of regional conditions, the southeast coastal area of our country inland than die-casting mold industry development the industry development situation of optimism, transportation and economy more developed, the southeast coastal areas at the same time, foreign trade more frequently, and can be a very good use of foreign markets, it is for the development of die casting mould industry provides a good condition, and for inland areas, such as traffic, economy is relatively backward, die casting bearing the development of mould industry inevitably there are some limitations. Die casting bearing mold facing the new situation
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