Ball bearings rated dynamic and rated zheng accidental difference

Nanjing, China
October 26, 2014 8:32pm CST
SKF bearing rated accident cr (n), rated zheng accidentally cor (n) what is the difference between the meaning of what? Surprisingly, move of bearings SKF equipment is started up unexpected? A: first, the nominal diameter (for me) to the accidental shaft bearings SKF rolling = can theoretically under the agenda of the radial unexpected axis accident schedule (to me). Under the action of unexpected SKF bearing, SKF bearing of life expectancy of 1 million. It reflects the main SKF bearing nexen scroll the ability of fatigue. Heart SKF SKF bearing and thrust bearing portrait respectively the basic dynamic load rating of the diameter to the basic dynamic men rated shaft and produce basic rated dynamic load and ca cr dragon. Second, the diameter shaft (to me) basic rated zheng accidentally said: "Iran is the biggest surprise of the rolling system, at the same time also roll contact center and contact the following size must be calculated to force a nobutaka machimura (central axis, accidental). For heart SKF bearing, 4600 mpa; different types of intention, and SKF bearing and thrust and SKF bearing, 4200 mpa; and promote 4000 mpa bearing in the heart, SKF roller. They contact stress of roller and roll the permanent deformation of huge 0001 times of the total amount is about 0.1 thickness. SKF bearing take on too big, the government or the low level of running recorder's impact and his men were walking rolling body contact, permanent deformation. According to his learning quantity and deformation with increasing, if exceed a certain limit, the normal rotary. Heart SKF SKF bearing and thrust bearing rated government respectively the basic requirements to the government basic axis diameter and nominal rated load basic Zheng Rong and cor and core said. Rated dynamic study, the design of the residential and rated government mixed, its numerical also differ greatly. Each enterprise value respectively recorded in each sample. You are equipment in the process of the design experience of SKF bearing the quota is not refused to SKF bearing dynamic load effect ", this is the radial bearings SKF subordinates or delete axis.
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