Arduino Starter Kit:electronic thermometer

Woodbridge, New Jersey
October 29, 2014 9:49pm CST
Accidentally, I found an interesting book named "Learning Fun Arduino electronic production", which made me full of energy.Now follow me to enjoy it,feeling Arduino Starter Kit brings charm. Acquaintance Arduino Starter Kit At first ,the book describes how to use simple techniques to produce a prototype Arduino cool electronic gadgets, Whose each chapter introduces a product, including a variety of experiments, diagrams and procedures, but also describes the use of electronic test equipment, transistor drive circuit, light emitting diodes, sensors, circuit testing and other topics. A best book for beginners to read. Simple electronic thermometer Which interested me most is the "Production of electronic thermometers".The material is very simple.Temperature of example DS18B20, for display with a digital tube or LCD, which is necessary if using digital plus drivers such as 74HC573, for example, used to control STC89C52. These things plus program, a simple electronic thermometer success. The emotions Maybe you have different interests.Welcom to share your successful labs.Athough the process is difficult and challenging, seeing what we make of the time, the excitement is indescribable.Really want to sigh a Knowledge is power. Insist on what you want to you can succeed. A good web site named whose articles gave me the impetus to explore.
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