What a Poor Girl Who Offers Sex for Travel

Orange, California
October 30, 2014 10:37pm CST
A Chinese 19-year-old female backpacker offers sex with a different man in every city she visits, so she could have funds for travelling the country. It's not a kind of couchsurfing which is quite common among travelers.It's actually a kind of "bedsurfing" which is said the same as prostitution by many critics. This is a disgusting way to carry on. But the girl said "bedsurfing" had already allowed her to travel all over eastern China. She defends her actions saying she simply wants to see the rest of the country through the ad. Is she poor or lustful exactly?Instead of paying lodging in China with money, she opted to pay with sex. Every night, she said she was willing to stay at a different wealthy host. She gets a bed, while her host gets sex along with her for an arm candy. Is it better to be f**ked by several different guys for fees than just finding one millionaire who can pay you a lot for love or maybe just sex for a long time?Girls can easily find a single rich man who want to date hot girls for not only sex but also romance for a long-term relationship on millionaire dating sites.There are lots of real rich men who are kind and generous on"richkiss.com" or"MillionaireMatch.com". So please do not be silly,girls,protect yourselves and take advantage of your youth and beauty. What a poor girl!
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