If you are looking for the T8 LED Tubes-come here

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
November 2, 2014 8:07pm CST
In this case, the halogen lamps and LED lamps to make a comparison, 1W of the tungsten halogen lamp LED corresponds to 8W, and the LED lamp has been used for 30,000 hours life in general, and the tungsten-halogen light is only a few thousand hours, so various Compare the advantages of LED lights more obvious. T8 LED Tubes is great in our website. So now the implementation of appropriate standards, indicating the gradual phase-out of incandescent accelerated pace, while halogen lamps and LED lights in the price range you can go and use the corresponding complementary, and will not generate opposition. Given the current share of global LED lamps compared to only 1 percent number, you can enhance the space is relatively large. t8 LED Tube Light 8W has a good market recent years. LED lighting is a green light: low voltage, low power consumption; stable performance, long life (typically 100,000 hours), short response time, environmental pollution. Although more expensive than conventional lighting equipment is expensive, but still considered will inevitably replace the existing lighting devices.So why not come to here to buy cheap led bulb.
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