unabated blood bath

Bhavnagar, India
November 3, 2014 4:26am CST
Just within two days ISIS has killed more than 100 innocent people, that include women and children. This is more disturbing since this was done in public. Sadly enough, we have merely been reduced to helpless watchers. There seems to be no coordination or cooperation amount allied force and the local ones who are fighting against better equipped enemies. As i have said earlier also, unless US and it's allied forces agree to provide their support in land fighting, only air strike on ISIS strongholds will not yield any result. ISIS seems to have better armaments then their counterpart from kurdish or iraqi camp. Further, their are many sunni tribes, who have landed their support to ISIS. Longer the Kurdish and Iraqi land forces are left to fight out alone, larger the price will be paid by the minority community like shia and yajdi. It is shame on the part of we civilized world to allow these few thousand fundamentalists kill innocent and unarmed citizens, who want to live in peace.
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