How could you solve the problem of fever LED bulbs?(1)

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
November 4, 2014 12:30am CST
LED will produce heat, a lot of people will think that LED is a cold light source, which only refers to the LED light-emitting principle only. T8 LED Tubes is great in our website. The reason of LED bulbs fever is because the LED lamp of the added heat energy and does not completely convert to light, but part of the conversion into heat, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of about 20 ~ 30%. T8 LED Tube Light 8W has a good market recent years.That is approximately 70% of the electrical energy into heat. Specifically, LED junction temperature is due to two factors caused by: Internal quantum efficiency is not high, that is, when electrons and holes recombine and generate photons are not 100%, often known as the "current leakage" of carriers leaving the PN zone composite rate. This voltage is multiplied by the leakage current of the power portion, which is converted into heat, but does not account for the major portion of the component, because the interior is close to the photon efficiency of 90%. So why not come to here to buy cheap led bulb Internally generated photons emitted to the outside of the chip cannot all be converted to the final heat, which is the main part, since the current is called external quantum efficiency of only about 30%, most of the heat is converted to a.
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