INA whole eccentric turning arm bearing maintenance performance carefully check method

Nanjing, China
November 5, 2014 7:29pm CST
If there is no INA bearing wrong choice of cases, used correctly, so all the eccentric stones bearing sales service life, can be used for quite some time, on the other hand, and the unexpected early damage, and persuade, use the early damage of the early damage of reason to use the product, is not enough, even into foreign body assembly of bearing bending axis errors and a university degree, shaft and bearing box of deficiency, there are many such as this is repeat each other. Use of various mechanical design life and various durable comparative study of the eccentric rock arm bearing regulation ", the decision on the bearing size." Choose bearing, INA bearing nassim Nicholas taleb, tend to think that happened already aging grease life, fatigue life, maintain less noise, even in order to give full consideration to the. In addition, according to the need, that is to choose while swimming accuracy embellish structure, to meet the requirements of the grease, special design of the bearing. But there is no choice INA bearing certain order rules, priority should be given all the required by the eccentric rock arm bearing conditions, functions, and related matters, especially the practical. As much as possible in order to maintain all good carry of the original performance of the bearing. Ball clean: remove repair bearing records confirmed for the first time below the appearance of the bearing, the remaining part of the lubricating oil sampling inspection after the use of lubricant, laundry bearing. As an ordinary detergent use gasoline, kerosene. Remove all the eccentric bearing stone wash and shampoo, after sales division washing nie set evaluation of the first metal container are not under direct contact with the bearing sewage container. INA bearing consolidation and judge = should determine whether can be used to clean bearing inspection after dissolution. ball Check roll, roll on the surface of the state, no wear, bearing cage hearing shut, improve the accuracy of damage that is independent of the size and have the exception. Non separation of small ball the inside of the bearing, with the hand support standard in outer wheels for confirmation. So fully understand the bearing use machines and use condition, make whole eccentric sells very well, and find out the situation before and after the incident, the outer bearing to INA bearing damage condition and a variety of reasons, if the same accident happen again.
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