Question about hdmi converter,Help purchasing an hdmi splitter,best wireless hdmi extender

Beijing, China
November 7, 2014 1:40am CST
There are many types of hdmi converter component to HDMI ;HDMI to component VGA to HDMI etc and many more examples.. and most of the time they are not interchangeable nor are they the case of a computer ,many newer computers actually have an HDMI port built in...but some older models may not have that feature but they may have a VGA out port so in that case you could get a converter box that converts VGA to an HDMI signal and use that to connect a computer to an HDTV that does not have a VGA port....also many computers have wifi in but not wifi out...there is a difference and they are not interchangeabl. How to purchase an hdmi splitter ? Most of the products available on the market are more than capable of sending a full strength signal down a maximum of 15m HDMI cable and any more than that you will require an in line booster HDMI booster of some sort.There are loads available on the market, but you want to make sure you get a powered splitter/multiplier and not the straight forward splitter, these cause many issues. The one that you have sent the link for should be perfectly fine. Although only go up to 15m. If you wish to go further, purchase an in line Extender/Booster, and you should be fine. At last. My friend are looking for hdmi extender that would allow him to connect his imac to the television. Anyone has good solution. This article is provided by
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