5 Misconceptions About Cellular Expense Management

November 8, 2014 6:46pm CST
Most people who own their own businesses also own several cell phones connected to their business. Owning and paying for all those cell phones can get quite costly, but luckily, there are services out there that offer cellular expense management. These services typically combine all phones under one plan and offer special pricing, often flat-rate pricing, to reduce total costs. They can really be a big money-saver for businesses of all types. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t use these services because they believe the misconceptions that are floating around about them. Read on to see if you’ve fallen into the trap of believing any of the following myths about cellular expensive management strategies: 1. You Have to Switch Cell Phone Carriers A lot of businesses are very happy with and very loyal to their current cell phone carriers. As such, they often refuse to sign up for a cellular expense management service because they’re under the impression that they’ll have to change carriers if they do so. They think that these services require them to use the carrier they have specified. While some cellular expense management services do have that policy, that’s not true of all or even most of them. Furthermore, there are some services that have connections with all the major (and even some of the not-so-major) carriers or are willing to make connections with them so that business owners can take advantage of the services they offer without having to say goodbye to their beloved carriers. 2. Minutes are Monitored Many of the services that cellular expense management companies offer sound too good to be true. Because people are so used to getting tricked, they always tend to ask, “what’s the catch?” And with some companies, there is a catch - usually one that says you can only use a certain number of minutes to get the flat rate. If you go over that allotted number of minutes, each additional minute used is billed at an outrageous charge. People are so afraid of that happening to them and of ending up paying huge bills in overtime charges that they often just stick with the varied plans they already have instead of consolidating all their phone bills under one plan. They’re missing out though because, just as there are “scam” companies out there, there are also honest, legitimate ones that really do offer unlimited minutes for all users at one flat, low rate. 3. You Stop Getting Phone Bills Yet another misconception that often holds people back from experiencing the benefits of using a cellular expense management service is that they believe that, once they’ve signed up, they’ll never get to see their own bills and usage logs again. They think their bills will just magically start going to the management service and that they won’t be able to see who is doing what on their phones and how much money they’re actually saving by using the service. Most of the time, though, that’s just not the case. In fact, usually, you’ll still not only get a bill from the carrier, you’ll also pay directly to the carrier. However, your monthly rates should be a lot lower than they were, more than making up for the small, flat fee you’ll typically pay the management service each month. 4. Cost Audits are Time-Consuming and Difficult When you first start working with a cellular expense management service, the first thing it’s usually going to want to do is to perform a cost audit. This “audit” is really just a close examination of how much money is going to cellular services, and it is performed to see where corners can be cut to save money without losing out on quality service. Many people worry that this audit will take up a lot of their time and generally be a long and difficult process. In truth, though, the audit isn’t typically something the business has to be involved in. So, while it is complex, the service generally takes care of the whole thing as quickly as possible and just briefs the business owner on the findings and suggestions derived from it. 5. Carrier Contracts Have to be Extended The final commonly believed misconception is that these services only get you lower cellular expense rates by extending your carrier contract. In other words, you save money only because you’re roping yourself into a very long and very binding contract with the carrier. That’s not the case at all though, at least not among cellular expense management services that know what they’re doing. The good ones can renegotiate your monthly price while still keeping the terms and length of your current contract as is. So, as you can see, there are a lot of lies floating around about these very useful and valuable wireless expense management services. Don’t believe them; try them out for yourself to see just how helpful and financially smart they actually can be.
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